Intellectual Disabilities Assessment in Los Angeles

You may have noticed delays in your child’s development from an early age; which, over time, have grown into difficulties with problem-solving, learning, and the ability to do things independently. Your child might struggle with daily living activities, such as getting dressed on their own, using language, interacting appropriately with their peers, or following safety rules. Perhaps they have been identified with a learning disability or ADHD in the past, but these don’t quite seem to explain their challenges. If your child is exhibiting global delays interfering with their academic, social, or personal growth, they may have an intellectual disability. My Child Assessment of Los Angeles provides comprehensive evaluations to identify individuals with intellectual impairments and other global delays, helping them lead happier, more successful lives. 

What is an intellectual or developmental disability?

An intellectual disability is a developmental disorder that begins in childhood. It includes below-average intellectual functioning and a lack of skills necessary for day-to-day living, known as adaptive behaviors. Individuals with intellectual disabilities demonstrate global difficulties across a wide range of tasks, including higher-level thinking and problem-solving, academic achievement, social interactions, communication, attention, and the ability to perform daily tasks independently. The exact cause of this disorder is difficult to pinpoint: while certain genetic conditions are associated with intellectual disability (i.e., Down syndrome, Fragile X syndrome, Phenylketonuria), it may also be caused by environmental factors such as exposure to harmful substances during pregnancy, complications during childbirth, as well as by certain infections, diseases, and medical conditions.

Why Choose Intellectual Disabilities Assessment?

Evaluation of intellectual disabilities is important for many reasons. First, early detection enables timely interventions and support, which can lead to better outcomes and an improved quality of life. Second, an evaluation aids in clarifying diagnoses in cases where an individual has been “missed.”  For many families, the identification of an intellectual disability follows a long period of concern about their child’s development and their skills, and misinformation about their challenges. In these situations, children can be mislabeled as having a learning disorder, autism, or related problem because they are placed into such categories based on where they happen to have the most difficulties at the time (e.g., in learning or social interactions). At My Child Assessment, our high-level, in-depth assessments help to provide a clear and accurate picture of the individual as a whole, identifying the full extent of their limitations as well as areas of strength. Lastly, a formal assessment is not only key in determining specific supports to help the individual, but also in accessing special education services and community-based resources. 

With an Intellectual Disabilities Comprehensive Assessment,
you can expect:

  • Accurate Diagnosis: Obtain clarity on the cause of your child’s struggles with a diagnosis that determines the presence and extent of their delay. Understand areas of impairment and the ways this is expected to impact them in everyday situations.  
  • Personalized Support: Gain insights into the individual’s strengths and weaknesses. Receive recommendations tailored to the individual based on their unique needs, including an educational plan, targeted programs, and strategies to help support individuals with developmental delays. 
  • Educational Planning: Collaborate with school administrators to ensure that your child’s educational plan is meeting their needs. Obtain or modify your child’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP) to ensure the necessary accommodations and modifications are in place to address their educational needs. 
  • Advocacy and Resources: Receive guidance on accessing community resources and support networks for individuals with intellectual disabilities. Empower your child with the knowledge and resources needed for a fulfilling and inclusive life.

Our Unique Approach

Dr. Nicole Michaeli is committed to providing insightful and practical evaluations for individuals with intellectual disabilities and other developmental delays. With extensive experience in assessing cognitive impairments in both children and adults in a variety of settings, she combines her expertise in this area with a deep devotion to supporting the unique challenges faced by those with cognitive delays. 

During the assessment process, Dr. Michaeli conducts a comprehensive evaluation of intellectual abilities, adaptive functioning, and other brain-based skills. She utilizes a range of instruments and tests to provide a precise understanding of the skills and abilities that are being impacted, clarify diagnoses, and obtain information regarding how the individual is expected to function overall. 

 Dr. Michaeli understands the emotional and practical challenges that come with uncovering an intellectual disability. Through her careful and considerate approach, she aims to guide families through this process by helping them understand limitations in their loved one’s abilities, setting appropriate expectations, and highlighting areas where support is needed. She builds a plan that will serve to empower families by enhancing the individuals learning, independence, and quality of life. Following the assessment, a detailed report is provided that includes a summary of impressions, strengths and weaknesses, and a comprehensive treatment plan. 

 In addition to more immediate educational planning, Dr. Michaeli’s treatment plan includes a roadmap for the future, including relevant considerations such as transition planning after high school, potential college programs, and vocational training opportunities for neurodiverse individuals. Opportunities for social skills, mentorship, and independent living are also explored. With all-encompassing support as the focus of the treatment plan, Dr. Michaeli aims to help individuals with intellectual disabilities experience efficacy in their endeavors, make meaningful connections with others, gain greater independence, and lead happier, more satisfying lives.  


Dr. Nicole Michaeli

Dr. Michaeli’s approach is informed by her extensive clinical experience in evaluating children and adults with a wide range of cognitive abilities, from intellectually disabled, to highly gifted. A large portion of her work has included identification of giftedness in order to guide school placement into gifted programs. Dr. Michaeli understands the unique potentials, as well the challenges that these children face, and her approach focuses on providing a holistic understanding of the child that identified their unique sets of gifts. By identifying these abilities, we empower children with opportunities tailored to their potential, ensuring that their educational environment stimulates their quest for knowledge, provides them with a sense of purpose, and prepares them for a bright future. 

Discover Your Child’s Unique Gifts 

If you believe your child is gifted and would like to learn more about the gifted assessments we offer, contact My Child Assessment today for a consultation. 

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